Site Blog & System Updates

First Week Online

The first week has been a great week for Buy My Asphalt. While we haven't seen a strong amount of posters, we have had quite a few registrations and a lot of folks stopping by to view the site. After reviewing the site analytics, we have seen quite a few people searching for used asphalt sealcoating equipment.

We will continue to strive on getting the word out to potential sellers and hopefully start seeing some posts up of used asphalt equipment.

Day 2 - People Are Looking & Minor Updates

The first day of has been a successful one with 35 hits to the website. This may not seem like a lot but for the first day of being open, I would have to say that's remarkable! Today has been even better with 64 total hits to the site. That tells me that there are A LOT of people searching for used asphalt equipment! We don't have any actual posts yet though which means the buyers are out there, but the sellers aren't... I need some posters! Register for your free account and start selling your equipment!

System Update:

BuyMyAsphalt Open for Registrations!

January 12th 2009 marks the date of open registration for the site. I (the helpfuldude) have spent the last few weeks polishing up on a few of the back-end items of the site to allow for the registration process, easy posting and easy navigation of the site.

At this point, the site is a work in progress of updates and enhancements which is why it's in "beta" status. It simply means that more improvements and enhancements are on the way!