All About BuyMyAsphalt, the Used Asphalt Equipment Site

BuyMyAsphalt is a free classifieds website for all used Asphalt equipment whether you are selling used asphalt sealcoating equipment, used pavement equipment for parking lots or asphalt paving equipment for roads and even used heavy asphalt equipment!

How much of BuyMyAsphalt is actually free? All of it! Even pictures! (We do limit up to nine pictures though...)
So... Why free? Well, why not!

BuyMyAsphalt is a work in progress. That doesn't mean you can't post an ad, it just means that the next time you visit the site, something new and improved might have magically happened :)

We are currently focusing on used asphalt equipment in the US but have Canada in our sights. If you are within Canada and would like to see BuyMyAsphalt offer classified lists for used asphalt equipment, feel free to let us know.