What kind of fraud and money scams should I watch out for?

The following common-sense rules are good to follow to avoid would-be scammers:

  • If possible, DEAL LOCALLY with someone you can meet in person - This one rule will probably curb 99% of all fraudulent scams.
  • If someone wants to wire you funds via western union, moneygram or any other wire services, tell them NO DEAL! They are trying to scam you!
  • WATCH for fake cashier checks & money orders. Banks will cash them, then hold you responsible when the fake is discovered weeks later. If you DO accept a cashiers check or money order, contact the bank it came from to find out if it is valid before accepting it!

Most buyers scams will include but are not limited to one or all of the following:

  • Money Gram, Western Union, cashier's check (see above), money order (see above), escrow service
  • an inquiry from a person far away who is usually in another country

Use common sense and be careful!