Bulk Sealer Tank 3206 Gallon Agitated

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3206 Gallon Bulk Sealer Tank Agitated, setup for stationary use but comes with a Tri Axle Trailer. The two must go together. Tank is a good sealer bulk tank for smaller capacity. Great for indoor set up for early or late season use. The two are stored together and must go together. The trailer has been sitting for a while and some tires are flat in its current place. I moved it to the storage yard on a dual axle flatbed truck-moved by 3rd party hauler. I assume that is how you would need to take it away and do not think the tires would air up but they might. If they do it is not road ready. The trailer tank combo is good for a city that does not allow for stationary tanks in your city as this is technically a mobile tank. The trailer is setup with adjustable semi legs for stability if used on the trailer and in a yard or just to strengthen the trailer while in use. It has an electric motor to drive the agitation that I will included at not charge but it has not been used in years. It worked when I last used it and believe that motor would work again. Measures: 72"dia x 182"L, Full height of both tank with protrusions and trailer as it sits is 118" tall in front. The height of only the tank with protrustions is 79". The tank has legs so could sit in your yard without the trailer but they go together. You must find your own hauler and use these dimensions. This equipment is located within 1.5 miles of the intersection of Plank Rd and Route 47 in Burlington IL. It can be winched onto a flat bed dual axle trailer as it was delivered this way -see pic one. $3900 was $4900 obo

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