Case of 5 - 8" Wire Wheel Brush Asphalt Crack Cleaning Fits Billy Goat Grazor

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We are the manufacturer. Don't be fooled by Low Grade Quality. You can get these for a few cents cheaper but they will burn out twice as fast

These Solid Steel grinder wire brushes are made with high-tensile, heat-treated carbon steel wire. Use its cable twist wire wheel for broader cleaning coverage, deburring, edge blending, and finishing.

Specifically designed to sweep through crevices for superior cleaning. The Grazor rips through ragged cracks and crevices with this wheel at the rate of five feet every 15 seconds. Cleaner cracks mean your hot pour crack fill sticks and last longer. The 8” wire replacement wheel includes an adapter which reduces the center shaft from 5/8" to 1/2". The center shaft is 7/8" without using any spacers.

Case of 5

I have been in the Seal-Coating Industry for 40 Years.

Please Email regarding Custom Orders - Sizes/Quantities for a quote.

--SHIPS SAME DAY BY 3PM EST-- ( 2 Day Handling Time due to Weight on These)

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