5 - 8" Wire Crack Cleaning Wheels for Little Wonder and Billy Goat Grazors *USA*

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Monday, February 27, 2023 - 09:52

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We are the manufacturer.

Don't be fooled by Low Grade Quality at a more expensive Price. We've done all the measuring for you and our Wheels are made right here in the USA

HedgeHog Tools by RynoWorx - Are Made in China and only provide a bristle length of 1 3/8".

Our Superior American Made Product has a Bristle Length of 1 1/2" giving you an extra 125" = 1/8" of Wire Wheel which promises extra life, and a quality that will last.

These Solid Steel grinder wire brushes are made with high-tensile, heat-treated carbon steel wire. Use its cable twist wire wheel for broader cleaning coverage, deburring, edge blending, and finishing.

We understand money is tight right now so we are offering a blow out price of $24.00 per Wheel FOR TRUE AMERICAN MADE STEEL

**We are so confident you will buy from US and love the Product we offer Free Returns UNLIKE other Sellers marketing Inferior MADE Foreign Products"

Most Factory Center Shafts are 5/8" our Spacer will allow you to reduce it to 1/2''.

The Factory Drilled Hole "Arbor Size" is:

7/8" = 0.87 = 2.2CM = 22mm

With Reducer

1/2" = 0.47 = 1.2CM = 12mm

Our Wheels allow you a lot of Flexibility when it comes to the Size of the Shaft on your Crack Cleaner Whether it be Generic, Billy Goat Grazor Crack Chaser/Cleaner or Little Wonder

I have been in the Seal-Coating Industry and Manufacturing every Item for 40 Years.

Please rest assured buying from a 22 year eBay Veteran with 100% Feedback.

Please Email regarding Custom Orders - Sizes/Quantities for a quote.


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