5 - 8" Wire Crack Cleaning Wheels for Little Wonder and Billy Goat Grazors *USA*

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Friday, July 21, 2023 - 17:31

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We are the manufacturer.

Don't be fooled by Low Grade Quality at a more expensive Price. We've done all the measuring for you and our Wheels are made right here in the USA

These are NOT HedgeHog - HedgeHog Tools by RynoWorx - Are Made in CHINA and only provide a bristle length of 1 3/8". - Do not be Fooled

Our Superior American Made Product has a Bristle Length of 1 1/2" giving you an extra 125" = 1/8" of Wire Wheel which promises extra life, and a quality that will last.

If your current wheel weights more then mine your order WILL BE FREE! (70 GRAMS MORE ON AVERAGE)

These Solid Steel grinder wire brushes are made with high-tensile, heat-treated carbon steel wire. Use its cable twist wire wheel for broader cleaning coverage, deburring, edge blending, and finishing.

We understand money is tight right now so we are offering a blow out price of $24.00 per Wheel FOR TRUE AMERICAN MADE STEEL

**We are so confident you will buy from US and love the Product we offer Free Returns UNLIKE other Sellers marketing Inferior MADE Foreign Products"

Most Factory Center Shafts are 5/8" our Adaptors will allow for 7/8" and 1/2" shafts!

The Factory Drilled Hole "Arbor Size" is:

7/8" = 0.87 inches = 2.2CM = 22.2mm

Included Adaptor # 1

5/8" = 0.625 inches = 1.58CM = 15.875 mm

Included Adaptor # 1

1/2" = 0.47-.05 inches = 1.27CM = 12-12.7 mm

Our Wheels allow you a lot of Flexibility when it comes to the Size of the Shaft on your Crack Cleaner Whether it be Generic, Billy Goat Grazor Crack Chaser/Cleaner or Little Wonder

I have been in the Sealcoating Industry and Manufacturing every Item for 60 Years.

Please Email regarding Custom Orders - Sizes/Quantities for a quote.

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