NEW - 3/4" X 75 ft Goodyear Reinforced SPRAY Wand Material Hose - SEALCOATING

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 09:30

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(914) 497-1981


High performance reinforced 75' Goodyear 3/4″ Red 350 psi pliovic hose.

Cut length sizes include stainless hose clamps.

We are the manufacturer. Don't be fooled by Low Grade Quality.

I have been in the Seal-Coating Industry for 40 Years. These hoses are not only made in the USA but are designed for long lasting performance even with heavy sand loadings.

Please call as a lot of times my Email gets Spammed and I don't hear back from my Customers

Jesse Kaplan
Cell:(914) 497-1981
Tele:(914) 763-661

Please Email regarding other Sizes/Quantities for a quote.

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