Site Upgraded

Well, if you come here somewhat frequently, you've probably noticed that the entire website has had a makeover, from the way things look to the way you post a listing on the site. We spent the better half of a week upgrading the backend of our system and during that process, we did some weeding... Pretty much all accounts that have not been accessed in more than a year, were removed and any post on the site that have not been live within (roughly) the last year, those were removed too. (We figured you probably sold the equipment by now)

If you have an account that was deleted with old listings that weren't live, we're sorry... Feel free to create a new account and start posting again!

With the upgrade, came some enhancements to the way you post a listing on the site. We've tried to make it easy to post, by adding several locations where you can add a new post to the site. Along with this, there is no longer a "My Posts" and "Posts" tab on your account page. We've moved all of this into one page to make it easier. If you're logged into the site, you will have full access to all of your posts (live and not live) whereas if someone else views your profile page, they will only see what you have posted as live on the site.

The contact form on posts, are now directly tied to the user account which means you can turn off all email contact if you wish. Just remember to leave a phone number if you shut the email off. (This is a global setting. The email is either on or off for ALL of your posts). This setting can be found by clicking the Edit tab of your profile page.

So far, since the migration, things seem to be running pretty smooth! We hope you enjoy the upgrades and continue to use Buy My Asphalt as your preferred source for posting used asphalt equipment!