System Updates

Well, after a long amount of time, I've finally had a chance to go in and do some pretty major backend updates to the site. While you won't notice much of anything being different, you will find that you can FINALLY unpublish more than one post at a time! That's been fixed : )

For those of you who have the "special" permissions of uploading more than one image at a time, I plan to roll out a "different" method that should play a lot nicer than the existing multi-image upload system... *crosses fingers*

You should notice a new "browse" button whenever I get that complete and I'll post a blog when I get it updated. (hopefully tomorrow??)

Otherwise, I hope I haven't disturbed too much with the updates but as always, if you notice something out of place, don't hesitate to let me know

I also plan to do some updates to the registration process in the next few days which shouldn't affect existing users, only new.

The ~helpful dude