New Post Administration Options and a New Category: Light Equipment

Well, I decided to get busy tonight and update the administration area of the "My Posts" in the account area. Basically, instead of editing a post to unpublish / publish it, you can do it all from the "My Posts" tab, along with Deleting posts! This should (hopefully) make things a bit easier for those of you who have a lot of posts to keep track of... (This applies to logged in accounts only)

The other thing you will notice is a "Light Equipment" category when you create a new post (or edit an existing post). I think there is enough posts out there of fork lifts, scissor lifts etc. to warrant the category. I kind of wanted to keep the site geared more towards asphalt related equipment only, but hey... I don't feel like watching posts like a hawk to make sure a piece of equipment is only for asphalt... SO, the light equipment category is kind of the beginnings of that gray area that breaks into a full fledged construction equipment website as opposed to just asphalt... Regardless, the more posts there are, the more traffic that comes to the site... (the more the merrier apply? maybe?)

As usual, I don't do a lot of testing and rely on you folks to let me know if something's broken...