300 Gal Sealcoating Tank, Trailer, Wilden pump system & compressor

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Saturday, June 5, 2021 - 15:58
Edgewater, MD



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This system is priced to be sold "As Is". Can be bought separate or as a package
If bought Separately:
-330 Gallon Sealcoating Tank for sale $1,100
- Spray System, 100' of 3/4" hose for sale $1,100
- Thompson Compressor FREE
- 2002 MIAT Twelve foot (12') landscaping trailer $800.00

If bought as a package, will sell for $2,500 firm.

The WILDEN Spray system unit was used once and cost $2,000 and was used once (it was used on a sperate spray system. The trailer has a clear title and the tank has been completely cleaned out. The compressor is being thrown in for free as it runs, but needs a tune up (likely carburetor work). The tank requires two seals. (I am willing to get the seals and install them for the cost of parts and labor (which would be added to the sales price).

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