GrindLazer Pro DC89 G Gas-Powered Scarifier WITH Carbide Flail, 8″, Medium Drum

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Friday, January 15, 2021 - 10:24
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The GrindLazer Pro DC89 G is a high-output drum style scarifier with a 9 HP Honda engine, 8 inch (20 cm) maximum cut width, and a larger selection of cutters for marking removal, leveling, and surface preparation.

Heavy-Duty All-Steel Frame
- Jobsite Tough Design
Durable 9 HP Honda Power With Cyclone Filter
- Contractor-Preferred Power
- Cyclone filter protects the engine from harmful airborne dust
Center-Weight Design
- Efficient “No-Bounce” Cutting
- Better control for a better quality cut
DialDown Depth Control System
- Easy Cutter Depth Control
- Easy to “dial down” for precise cutting depth control
Precision All-Steel Wheel Assemblies
- Accurate Cuts & Long Life
Anti-Vibration Handlebars
- Padded for minimal vibration transfer for all-day comfort
Sealed Main Bearing
- Maintenance-Free Design
- Long life and ease-of-use
Heavy-Duty Wide HTD Drive Belt
- Eliminate Costly Downtime
Vacuum Port
- Less Dust
- For optional LazerVac vacuum system
Dual Purpose Tachometer and Hour Meter
- Easy-to-Read Gauges
- Ideal for maintenance—ensuring your equipment is in top shape
- Displays engine RPMs while running

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