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Model MIRA-1 – specifications:
- Supplying capacity: 2 gas ballons. (gas ballons are not included!)
- Gas consumption: 4,5-5,5 kg/h (10 lb/h) (depending on the outside temperature).
- Fuel: propane gas.
- Heating surface: 1000*1200 mm / 600*2000 (3*40 ft / 2*6,5 ft).
- Productivity: up to 70 sq.m./7 h (750 sq ft /7 h).
- Weight: 120 kg (260 lb).
Effective in the repair of:
• Potholes.
• Raising manhole and utility covers.
• Failed pavement joints.
• Joint repair: concrete and asphalt.
• Dips in the road/parking lot.
*The price is without delivery. It is calculated for each customer.

Model BS-200 characteristics:
- Power block (Petrol Engine HONDA GX-160, air-cooled - 3.6 кWt).
- Gear pump.
- Diesel cleaning system.
- Gear reducer.
- Safety valve (bypass)
- Space for emulsion drum (50gal). Drum is not included.
- Weight (without emulsion) – 330lb.

- 4-stage cleaning system.
- The power block can be detached from the frame and installed on the other transport platform.
- Universal assembly system.
- Easy drum change.
- Built-in heating system (gas propane burner).
- Warranty – 1 year.

BS-200 can be mounted on a trailer or transport vehicle like pick-up.

Asphalt Hot Box HB-1 TM TICAB containts:
• The volume of the thermal bunker: 4,5 sq ft.
• Construction: double-layer thermo-isolated tank. Burner power: 60 hp.
• Fuel: propane gas. Gas cylinder is not included!
• Heating methods: infrared heater blanket.
• Productivity: 4500-5500 lb asphalt within 8 hours (1 gas cylinder with a volume of 10,5 gal).
• The recycler is appropriate for patching potholes, utility cuts and other small asphalt repairs year round regardless of the outside weather.
• You do not need to buy new asphalt.
• Independence from the work of the asphalt plant.
• Fast and not expensive roads renewing.
• Warranty: 1 year.
*Delivery cost is calculated for each customer.

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