Asphalt Heater / Tack coat sprayer / Asphalt Hot Box / Asphalt Equipment MIRA-3

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A brad-new complex for pothole repair. MIRA-3 using provides excellent asphalt patching. It is quite reliable and highly effective in use.
Asphalt repair complex MIRA-3 is designed for asphalt road maintenance and repair with three independent units of equipment at the same time. MIRA-3 includes Infrared Asphalt Heaters, Asphalt Recycler RA-500, and Asphalt Sprayer BS-100.

Infrared Asphalt Heaters: use it firstly for heating repair surface. Asphalt Sprayer BS-100: use to apply prime or tack coats (bitumen emulsion only) on a surface in preparation for paving. Asphalt Recycler RA-500: use it for filling the pothole or other repair place with a new hot asphalt mixture. MIRA-3 is safe and autonomous equipment with a mechanical winch. Mechanical winch regulates infrared asphalt heater position. You can correct heating power according to your repair project. It is recommended for comparatively local repair. The average MIRA-3 productivity is up to 750 sq.ft (depends on the average RA-500 productivity). MIRA-3 is sold on a steel frame. You can mount MIRA-3 on a trailer using specified fastening.
Warranty – 1 year.

Technical specifications:
- Fuel propane gas.
- Suppling capacity 3 gas cylinders (Gas cylinders are not included!).
- Gas consumption 20-25 lb/hour.
- Heating surface 40'' x 70'' mm.
- Weight: 1800lb.
- Works with both asphalt / tarmac.
*The price is without delivery.

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