Crafco Super Shot 60

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$15000 OBO


Crafco Super Shot 60

Within the last year approximately all the following has been added new and or fixed

New propane Kohler engine

New Ransom burner

New spark ignitor probes

New red hat gas selenoid

90% of wires have been replaced or redone ends buy soldering

All the wiring connections inside the control box have been redone by soldering versus. Previously the wire ends were just held in by screw bolt head. This will ensure that no wires ever get loose and cause job loss time.

New temperature displays, OIL & MATERIAL

New oil temperature sensor control box

New oil temperature sensor probe

Clean inside tank

Reinforced plumbing where they material exits the kettle of the doube boiler and goes to the heated hose

New tires

Material for safety lid sensor has been replaced few years ago

Spare tire, Spark ignitor probes, Spark control module,

The machine has been well maintained and Heat transfer oil has been changed. It's been kept covered whenever it was not used. Has been exposed to very little rain or other weather.

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